Breaking Down Bias in Admissions

The How-to Guide to Reducing Admissions Bias at Your School

What You'll Learn

See how applicants are evaluated differently when biases seep into your review process. It’s not fair. And it’s not helping you build a better classroom.

How to fight back against bias with tactical improvements to safeguard your applicants for a fairer, more defensible admissions cycle than ever before.

Diagnose the potential areas bias can occur in your admissions process, while learning how other schools’ processes compare to yours.

Get a primer in Admissions Psychology 101: The nine most common forms of cognitive biases in admissions, and how they impact your decision making.





Why Admissions Bias Matters

The Nine Types of Admission Bias

How to Identify Bias at Your School

How to Prevent Bias

35% schools have just one person interviewing each applicant, leaving their applicants exposed to the unconcious bias of that single reviewer.

The Reality of Admissions Bias

97% of schools believe that eliminating bias in the admissions process is an important issue.

41% of reviewers complained of fatigue after days of interviewing applicants, indicating a high potential for decision fatigue.

70% of schools are confident that their reviewers are following the standardized evaluation criteria.

47% of schools do not have their interviewers asking a consistent set of questions.

40% of schools do not have their reviewers submit rubrics.