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Preventing Plagiarism in Business School Applications

About the Hosts

Carrie Marcinkevage

Carrie is the MBA Managing Director at the Smeal School of Business at Penn State. She's spokeswoman against admissions fraud and her research has been covered by New York Times, USA Today, and Bloomberg. 

Why students plagiarize, how common and easy it can be. 

How Smeal School of Business uncovered application fraud and what measures they've taken to address the problem.

Recommendations and tips from Carrie's research to help fight fraud at your school.



You Will Learn

Andrew Hastings

Andrew is the Marketing Manager at Kira. He works on the marketing strategy, brand management, and lead generation tactics for Kira Academic. He's also the author of "Admissions Fraud: The Truth Behind the Application".

Learn what factors drive application fraud, how you can stop it at your school and hear first hand, our story of hiring a "black market" essay writer.

Featuring Carrie Marcinkevage, MBA Managing Director at Smeal College of Business and spokeswoman on admissions fraud

Carrie's become the unofficial spokesperson on fighting admissions fraud. Her research has been covered by New York Times, USA Today, and Bloomberg. She'll share her years of experience fighting back against application fraud and give you tips on how you can stop it at your school. You'll also hear about how Andrew, Marketing Manager at Kira went undercover to demonstrate how easy it is for your students to commit application fraud.

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