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Graduate School Admissions 

What motivates a student to apply to one program over dozens of similar options? In Week One we explore the motivations students have for applying to graduate school and the channels they explore options on, then how to optimize and act on these realities.

Think Like a Marketer

Boost Your Applicant Volume

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If you have a dated admissions process, it’s only creating more work for you and reducing the quality of your classes. In Week Two, we give you the resources you need to build a better, fairer review process and tactics to reduce admissions bias and eliminate application fraud.

Redesign the Admissions Process

Identify Your Top Applicants

Defining “a great student” is one thing, but can you actually identify which students will be tomorrow’s best researchers, lawyers, doctors, or teachers? Week Three is designed to show you how to effectively evaluate applicants who will succeed, both in your program and in the workforce, by assessing employability and soft skills.

Assess Students Better

Effectively Evaluate Potential

All of your efforts marketing, identifying, and reviewing students are lost if you can’t seal the deal. In this lesson, learn you how the best schools are effectively implementing post-offer strategies to improve yield and transition their top applicants into their best students.

Improve Applicant Yield

Cultivate the Best Cohort

Boost your applicant volume using new ideas and proven strategies developed by higher ed marketing experts.

Identify your top applicants with new ways to refine an outdated admissions process.

Evaluate and select students who will succeed in your program and in the workforce.

Improve your applicant yield with techniques mastered by the best schools in the world.

A new course for admissions teams at graduate schools.

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